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You snowed me under
Messed with my head
Manipulated my heart


Cheated and chiseled
Addled and baffled
You thought you were so smart


You were a blizzard
You wiped me out
Knew with me you’d part


A whiteout flurry
Always in a hurry
Should have known right from the start

What a snow job!  :(
I know a nice snowman and invite you to visit my Holiday Sing Along web page. Click on the icon and come meet Frosty the Snowman and Let It Snow.


Sleigh Ride


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Lovely flakes softly drifting down
White silken gown
Upon the trees
My eyes to please

Accumulate upon my roof
‘Tis nature’s proof
Winter is here
Night cold and clear

For a sleigh ride we’ll go of course
Harness the horse
Faint jingle bells
O’er hill and dales

Click on the icons and visit my holiday song web pages.  Take a Sleigh Ride and sing along with me in a  Winter Wonderland

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feathered muff warming

quick eyes alertly watching

winter’s meal waiting

***   **   ***   **   ***

Silently he sits and waits

Feathered muff for warming

Alertly watching winter’s meal

Will strike without warning

***   **   ***   **   ***

I am attempting to write some Haiku.  Others make it appear so simple.  It just seems to come naturally from their thoughts.  I struggle with trying to get a flowing verse.    :(

The first poem was worked and reworked.   The second which is “ladysighs style”  took about thirty seconds.     :)

But it is good to try something new and also good to feel free to publish it without embarrassment.

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Meet me dear ‘neath the mistletoe
Please don’t say no
You are my type
Your lips are ripe

I dream of your kiss soft and slow
I am aglow
Cherish your touch
I love you much

You always stay in my daydreams
My passion teems
Another kiss
Heavenly bliss

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Click on the icons and you will find my holiday web pages.  Sing along with me.

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My theme for the Pixel Prose Challenge is to post a picture of sheet music from the early 1900’s, write something about it and include a recording I made of the song.

Linger a while with me my dear
Tarry for an hour or two
Whisper of love into my ear
I’ve waited so long for you

Stay with me have no fear
A few more minutes remain
These precious moments I so revere
Yet on you I have no claim

Sheet music courtesy of the Lester S. Levy Collection of Sheet Music




Silently flying in the night
Beard snowy white
Hat on his head
Suit colored red

Eight reindeer with sleigh deep and wide
Big bag inside
Brings lots of toys
To girls and boys

Eats the cookies left by the fire
Never does tire
Finger on nose
Up chimney goes

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 What are you asking Santa to bring you this year?  My husband and I don’t exchange secret gifts.   Every time we buy something that the other rather turns up his nose at, we say “That’s your Christmas present.”   He has a whole garage of foolish presents and my computer room is probably just as filled.  I mentioned in a previous post about an instrument called a QChord.  It can make many different sounds.   I am playing and singing with it in Must Be Santa.  Click on the icons and come sing along with me.

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Gingerbread Men


Help me make some gingerbread men
It won’t take more than an hour
Into the bowl goes the soda and salt
And three and a fourth cups of flour

Dark brown sugar tightly packed
Cinnamon cloves and nutmeg
Ginger molasses and chocolate chips
Butter and one large egg

Stir the dough in a mixing machine
Take care with the electric cord
Divide the dough into thirds
Roll out on a floured board

Use a cutter to make the men
Raisins and candy for eyes
Pop in the oven 350 degrees
They soon will begin to rise

Lay on a plate with a glass of milk
Set out on Christmas eve
You may have a cookie or two
But the most for Santa please leave

Lots and lots of baking will be done during the holidays. When I did bake, I enjoyed making pumpkin cakes and a delicious Creme de Menthe Grasshopper Pie. We will probably just pick up something from the grocery store this year. Maybe something with marshmallows and chocolate.


Click on the icon and I will share my Marshmallow World song with you. On this holiday web page you will see some of the surrounding area where I live. We rarely get snow and I clicked these pictures quickly before it all melted. Come sing along with me.

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Christopher Hitchens

13 April 1949 – 15 December 2011

It’s been a while since Hitch has gone
Makes me really sad
But still can watch him on You Tube
And that really makes me glad

If you’re not a person of reason
He could really make you mad
For he could always get the best of you
When a debate he had

Many attempted to catch him up
Wanted him to entrap
Woe to those who tried to give
Him a bit of flap

And if they started talking
A bunch of nonsense crap
He’d take a sip or two
And come back with a big Hitchslap


Christmas Acrostic


c        is for celebration
Gee give me a break
Did plenty last year
Just got a headache


      is for hectic
The days soon will be
Nobody helps
It’s all left to me


      is for rushing
To stores in the mall
Must remember to stop
And buy alcohol

       is for impossible
Too many gifts to give
No paper no ribbon
Not feeling fes-tive


      is for sauces
And salads to make
Pies and cookies
And turkeys to bake

t        is for tired
My work’s just begun
Someone please tell me
Why holidays are fun

m       is for merriment
Each year more and more
Trying to figure out
Just what it is for

a      is for abracadabra
I need a magic wand
To accomplish it all
Before I despond

s       is for season
Let it soon cease
I plead and I pray
Please send me some peace

Counting the Days Till Christmas


Counting the days until Christmas
Oh when will it ever arrive
I’ve counted since December first
It’s so far to twenty-five

Each night my mom secretly puts
A new present under the tree
Every morning I secretly peek
And read they are all for me

Stockings are hung on the mantel
The baking of goodies is done
Still I’m marking the calendar
Waiting patiently for the fun

Don’t we all remember waiting and waiting and thinking that Christmas would never come?  And poking the presents to see if we got what we asked for?  And looking out the window into the dark sky to see if Santa was coming?  And being hustled over to a neighbor’s home for cookies and cocoa on Christmas eve while somebody finished something up in the garage?  And getting up at 4 am and screaming “I got a bicycle!”   Now, I can’t remember what happened yesterday.   :(


Click on the icon, take a deep breath and sing the Twelve Days of Christmas with me.

Happy Sunshine

Sunlit is my face
Unclouded is my smile
Luminous and radiant
Don’t you love my style

Never a stormy outlook
Ever a grinning glow
With animated cheerfulness
I always overflow

A commenter noted she was wanting sunshine.  It’s a bit gray around my place today, but I can provide a little sun.  I missed posting a couple of days and need to catch up.





















Christmas Love

I do so love Christmas time
Good feelings that it brings
The story of a manger babe
Gifts of the three Kings

A choir in a church loft
How joyously it sings
And high up in the steeple
The bell as it rings

The heavenly angels up above
With fluffy willowy wings
Playing on their golden harps
Plucking on the strings

Kids in line for Santa Claus
Thinking of toys he brings
A little child a wee bit scared
To his mother clings

Decorations throughout the house
On the fireplace hang the stockings
Whisperings of secrets kept
The clock with its tick-tockings

The dining table set in style
The turkey and the dressings
Let no one ever lift a fork
Till someone gives the blessings

Opening up of lovely gifts
Never finding your yearnings
Next day standing in long lines
To start the returnings

Many always question me
They find it oh so odd
Why do you so love Christmas
When you have no belief in god


Everyone and anyone can love and enjoy Christmas.
Two of the most beautiful songs heard during the holiday season are White Christmas and I’ll Be Home for Christmas. Some holidays might bring sad memories, but these two songs help us remember some of the best.
If you think listening to me singing these songs might ruin your memories, don’t click.  Or you can listen, sing along and make me one of your Christmas memories.   :)

Graphic made with Inkscape.

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Christmas in July

I wonder what it would be like
Having Christmas in July
Barbecuing a turkey
Baking a watermelon pie

Decorating a date palm
No colds to make me sneeze
Santa would deliver toys
On a pair of jet skis

Instead of going on sleigh rides
We would set up golf tees
I think I like it better
Where I get snow and a freeze

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I wish you a Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays no matter where you live.  Click on the icons to visit and sing with Santa in Hawaii.

The Breeze and I


My theme for the Pixel Prose Challenge is to post a picture of sheet music from the early 1900’s, write something about it and include a recording I made of the song.


The breeze is but a whiff of air
Flits here and there
Flutters and floats
Pushing sailboats

Swooping sweeping meandering
Not anchoring
Swirls its own way
Never does stay

Your love is like a rushing breeze
Blowing follies
Whirling so swift
Left me to drift


pixel-prose-challenge-post-logo-c2a9-www-uniqueartchic-comSheet music courtesy of the Lester S. Levy Collection of Sheet Music

Bells and Waltzes

The instrument I am playing is called a QChord. My husband gave it to me one year for Christmas. I guess he was tired of hearing me play the ukulele. It can make all kinds of rhythms and sounds like bells.  I love the song Carol of the Bells. Who doesn’t?



The icons link to my holiday song web pages.  I will be posting my favorites this month.  Come sing along with me or waltz around if you want.

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