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Come Ye Godless People Come


Come ye godless people come
Raise the thought of reason home
Instead of faith use your brain
Speak the facts simple and plain
Truth will be our goal to seek
Stick together and don’t be weak
Come ye godless people come
Raise the song of reason home

All the world is nature’s best
Forget the gods and all the rest
We shall sow the thoughts of truth
We shall tend to them forsooth
First the myths must be weeded out
Then ideas of right will sprout
Come ye godless people come
Raise the song of reason home

Gods and lies have made us blind
Honesty will free the mind
Ideas of truth we shall reap
Uproot the false from the deep
Never fear what lies ahead
Fight the battle ‘gainst deceit instead
Come ye godless people come
Raise the song of reason home

Words by ladysighs.

I cannot tell a lie.  I blogged this another Thanksgiving.   I like Thanksgiving and it is always appropriate to give thanks to those we know and love.  We can be thankful even for those we have never met but yet have done something useful and helpful to make the world a better place.  But even as a young girl I never felt comfortable giving thanks to something for which there was no evidence that it existed.   I am thankful for my many blogging friends who support reason.

Come Ye Thankful Bloggers Come


Come ye thankful bloggers come
To WordPress and have some fun
Leave your worries far behind
Come meet others of your kind

Everyone here is balanced and sane
Nothing to lose and nothing to gain
Come to WordPress today
Join the fun and join the play

Come and see what we create
Everything is first-rate
You will read some good advice
Many poems that are nice

Some only post once in a while
Yet they bring to us a smile
Come to WordPress today
Join the fun and join the play

We don’t know who anyone is
Ladysighs thinks she’s in show biz
Comments are a day or two late
For a like you have to wait

No one seems to be running the place
Back your stuff up just in case
Come ye thankful bloggers come
To WordPress and have some fun

Born Free


 Yesterday I posted the song I’m Forever Blowing Bubbles and wrote that I was playing a QChord. It is a fun instrument to play or just mess around with. It provides many rhythms and different sounds. In this post you can hear the rhythm in the background. I am playing or attempting to play the melody of Born Free in the foreground. The bubble song did not have a background rhythm.
I had to concentrate on playing the melody so I am not singing the song.



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Thanksgiving Singing Lesson

Thanksgiving is a happy time
For family friends and caring
So for you dear blogging pals
A singing lesson I’m sharing

You may think this bold attempt
To be a wee bit daring
But “lady’s lessons are the best
You soon will be a swearing


OK, you turkeys, the song is called Turkey in the Straw. First listen to me singing the song. Follow along with the words. It is very easy to learn.


As I was a-goin’ On down the road
With a tired team And a heavy load
I cracked my whip And the leader sprung
I says day-day To the wagon tongue

Turkey in the straw Turkey in the straw
Turkey in the hay Turkey in the hay
Roll ‘em up and twist ‘em up
A high tuck a-haw
And hit ‘em up a tune called
Turkey in the Straw



Next fortify yourselves. Only the music is provided. Play it and sing the song by yourselves.



Wasn’t that easy?

Thoughts on Thankfulness


November means Thanksgiving
Last year it came on the twenty-eighth
But for giving thanks to others
We do not have to wait

I’m thankful for my followers
For you poems I create
I have plenty to be thankful for
So much on my plate

I’m thankful for quotations
Hope they’re to your taste
I’ve put them here in my post
Seems like a real good place

I found them on the Internet
Searched with great haste
What I’m really thankful for
Is good old Copy and Paste

  • Even though we can’t have all we want, we ought to be thankful we don’t get what we deserve.
    Author unknown

  • God gave us our relatives; thank God we can choose our friends.

    Ethel Watts Mumford

  • I want to say thank you to all the people who walked into my life and made it outstanding, and all the people who walked out of my life and made it fantastic.

    Author unknown

  • We hope that, when the insects take over the world, they will remember with gratitude how we took them along on all our picnics.

    William Vaughn

  • There’s always something to be thankful for.  If you can’t pay your bills, you can be thankful you’re not one of your creditors.

    Author unknown

This is a reblog.  If I do reblog a post, I try to add a little something or change the colors or put text to the left or change it to the right.  Not that anybody notices or is comparing it to the first posting.  I am sure nobody could even find the first edition.  I had a hard time locating it myself.  :(   It is rather like wearing last year’s dress again this year. You add a scarf or belt or maybe just let out the waist a bit.


to the turkeys who read my yesterday’s post    :)

I’m Forever Blowing Bubbles

imforeverblowingbubbles1My theme for the Pixel Prose Challenge is to post sheet music from the early 1900’s, write something about it and post a recording I made of the song.

blowingbubblesThe instrument I am playing in this song is a QChord.

May the bubbles of life you blow each day

Bring you joy, pleasure and gain

May they be batty and daft – a bit half cracked

And why not a little insane

May those shimmering shining bubbly orbs

Never bring you sorrow or pain

If worse comes to worst – and they burst

Just blow them all up again

 pixel-prose-challenge-post-logo-c2a9-www-uniqueartchic-comSheet music courtesy of the Lester S. Levy Collection of Sheet Music

Walk With a Turkey

You’re a half-witted turkey
And a dumb ox too
You walked out of my life
Said that we were through

You’re an ignoramus feather brain
A hotheaded goose
Hit the road without me
Gave me no excuse

An illiterate plummy head
Simpleton and nincompoop
You strutted and you swaggered
To your level I’ll not stoop

I’ve known a couple of turkeys like this.  :(

We see a lot of wild life around our yard.  One fall a rafter of turkeys strutted by.  I didn’t know a group of turkeys was called a rafter.  But then what else would you call them?


Thank you for walking with me.


Greetings and many thanks to all my blogging friends.   The poem is for Noel and the friendship he gives.

The Blogging Spirit


You will shout when it hits you yes indeed

You will shout when it hits you yes indeed


When the spirit moves you you’ll shout Hallelujah

When it hits you you’ll holler yes indeed


It comes out if it’s in you yes indeed

Makes you shout Jack it sends you yes indeed


When that jive starts jumpin’ you’ll shout let me in there

When it hits you you’ll holler yes indeed

Do you ever get the feeling some bloggers get a bit carried away?  I try to avoid those blogs.    :roll:

Walk/Ride Through WordPress


Over the River and Through the Wood  is a song that is sung by many during this holiday season.  It tells of  getting into the sleigh and going through the snow to grandmother’s house for Thanksgiving or Christmas. Bells are jingling and the horse knows just where to go because he goes there every year.  The sky is blue and everyone is cheering for the pumpkin pie and puddings that await them. The wind may blow and the sleigh may tip over but no one cares. And as the sleigh arrives, there is grandmother in her cap out to greet them.

The holidays are a wonderful happy time to visit relatives and friends.  So I will walk or ride in my sleigh to visit my friends at WordPress and sing my own little version. I hope you will visit me too.


Over the river and through WordPress to visit my blogging friends
We’ll read each other’s crazy stuff the fun never ends
Over the river and through WordPress I leave a like for them
They click on me a like I see we’ll start all over again

Over the river and through WordPress I go there every day
I follow a few you know who oh how we love to play
Over the river and through WordPress oh won’t you come my way
In my blog I sing a song I’ve nothing else to say

I have blogged this before but holiday songs are never out of date.  One of the themes for my blog is Walks and I think it will be a very nice walk to visit your blogs.   :)

Happy Hugs


It has happened again. Yesterday I wrote about getting up early in the morning, turning on the computer and reading distressing news stories. I wrote this Happy Hugs entry weeks ago and I was so excited that it would finally be posted. I know it’s nothing great. Just another little poem you can understand and a rhyme that makes sense.   :)

Who doesn’t like receiving hugs? From an appropriate source of course. So please no comments about wrong-number hugs. I’m talking about happy hugs that give comfort when words just won’t do.

Who doesn’t like giving hugs? Hugging somebody or something really can make it all better. And what is the something many of us have hugged when there is no somebody around to hug? A teddy bear of course.

So when this news item appeared on the very day I was to post Happy Hugs, I couldn’t believe it. And I know one should not believe everything one reads on the Internet. So I don’t know if it is true or a spoof or what. All I know is that I read of similar ideas way too often.

I NEED a HUG.  Or maybe a few nice comments about my poem.   :)

Happy Faces

A sea of happy faces
Intoxicating smiles
Perky playful countenance
My sadness reconciles

Spread your pleasant laughter
It takes away my pain
Brings joyful jubilation
Come to me next year again


The wild flowers are in my backyard. I don’t know what they are and it is the first time they have grown here. Something new seems to come up every year. We usually see thistles and a cactus or two. They have lasted for over two months and are very beautiful. I thought they fit perfectly for my Shades of Happiness theme.

Walking Through My Computer


Each evening about 10 PM
Before I go to bed
I log into WordPress
Read what my friends have said

I find poems and pictures
Some opinions that they spread
At other times silly stuff
Comes out of their head

Refreshed from my sleep
I turn the ‘puter on with dread
For the headlines of the news
Report some more folks are dead

Thoughts on Debates



A debate is a discussion
A polite little dispute
Where folks give their reasons
For ideas they want to toot

A courteous cool contention
Each trying to refute
Smack down and destroy
The other side’s strong suit

A diplomatic deliberation
More followers to recruit
Callous cold controversy
Never bearing any fruit

Blah blah blah altercations
Could produce a lawsuit
Audience not a listening
Don’t give one damn hoot


Caution:  This is the first post in my Theme of Thoughts.   If you disagree with my thoughts, I will delete your comment.  

Debater graphic was made with Inkscape.

I have never debated but watch some on TV. I follow some bloggers who I think would make great debaters. I know some of my readers follow them too.

Rachel Squirrel admits at the very top of her blog that she is *a bit opinionated* and she covers a lot of topics that I suppose might be considered controversial. I think she would be a good debater because she researches topics very well. She states her reasons and gives links. Whether you agree with her or not, you will be better informed after reading her blog.

makagutu and the superstitious naked ape debate with many commenters on their blogs. I think they really love it.

And woe to those who make an error in reasoning if they post a comment on these two bloggers’ sites. makagutu and the superstitious naked ape are both well versed in the scriptures and will tear apart your silliness.

What is the purpose of debating? I suppose it is to give information and opinions. But we can be fooled into thinking that information and opinions are the same thing.

“You are entitled to your own opinion. But you are not entitled to your own facts.”
Daniel Patrick Moynihan

I have always liked that quotation and try to remember it before I speak or write. If you have an opinion back it up with facts and don’t feel insulted if someone leads you to other facts. And remember in this scientific world facts do change.

A good debate should be able to change the minds of some readers/listeners. Last winter there was a debate between Bill Nye the Science Guy and creationist Ken Ham. There was a question asked as to what would change one’s mind about something. Ken Ham’s answer indicated that nothing would change it. Bill Nye answered that evidence would change his.

If you participate in a debate or listen/read a debate, you should try to keep an open mind and evaluate any new information. This is very difficult. If you find it impossible to do, at least be happy if you live in a country where you can debate freely and without fear.


Alexander’s Ragtime Band


My theme for the Pixel Prose Challenge is to post a picture of sheet music from the early 1900’s, write something about it and include a recording I made of the song.


In the cool of the evening
When the sun’s just gone down
The folks start congregating
By the gazebo gather round

The maestro mounts the platform
Hush comes across the stand
He lifts a hand gives a nod
Plays Alexander’s Ragtime Band

Sheet music courtesy of the Lester S. Levy Collection of Sheet Music


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