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Blue – Feelings


Today I just feel fed up
I’ve had it up to here
Bummed out and crestfallen
Can’t get myself in gear

Nothing’s going right
My eye’s are in a blear
Deep inside I’m hurting
All life is such a drear

Forty Shades of Blue ~ Poem #10

Brief intermission from Forty Shades of Blue tomorrow.  :)

Blue – Difference


Some blues are a headache
Bringing discontent
Lasting but a few days
Then they’ve gone and went

Other blues are torture
Oh how they ferment
Lasting for a life time
They only bring torment

Forty Shades of Blue ~ Poem #9

Blue – Day




Today I’ll just be laid-back
Forget all my concerns
Won’t think of anything
Especially life’s downturns






Tonight I’ll just be mellow
Forget all life’s demands
Won’t think of anything
Daydream of far-off lands



Tomorrow will come soon enough
Life’s worries and cares to face
Today I’ll be unflappable
Tonight’s calm I’ll embrace

Forty Shades of Blue ~ Poem #8

Blue – Cup

I want to sip the sweetness
From the teacup of life
And spread a touch of honey
Upon my bread of strife

I want to savor rapture
From a plate of vitality
And wash away the crumbs
Of my unserenity

Forty Shades of Blue ~ Poem #7

Blue – Brook


Bubbling brook flowing now
Imagine such a place
Rippling water fresh and cool
Splashing on my face

Washing sorrow from my brow
Leaving not a trace
Rushing liquid in a pool
Wish I knew that space


Forty Shades of Blue ~ Poem #6

Blue – Bounce


I’m tired of life’s bounces
I’m tired of ups and downs
Sometimes they bring me smiles
But mostly bring me frowns

Just when I’m elated
And living on cloud nine
I am pounded with a punch
And encounter a decline


Forty Shades of Blue ~ Poem #5

Blue – Bird


My home is very loving
No one tries to make me blue
My friends are very doting
All to me are very true

So tell me little bluebird
Why I want to say adieu
Flap my wings in the breeze
And fly away with you


Forty Shades of Blue ~ Poem #4

Blue – Bed


Night is here I try to sleep
But all I ever do is weep
Sadness in my mind does creep
Blues and blahs press so deep

Forty Shades of Blue ~ Poem #3

Blue – Actress


I should have been an actress
I know to fame I’d rise
Entering across the stage
To everyone’s surprise

Not for me a comedy
No love story with its sighs
I would star in drama sad
Easy tears come to my eyes


Forty Shades of Blue ~ Poem #2

Blue – ABC


A   nguish deep inside me
B   rings dolefulness and doom
C   risis follows naturally
D   epression coming soon

E   very kind of dreariness
F   ills my very soul
G   iving me more misery
H   eartache no control

I    rritation daily
J   ammed in like a pickle
K   icking all my innards
L   ord that doesn’t tickle

M   elancholy surges
N   eedling my brain cells
O   verflowing with madness
P   aranoia now prevails

Q   ualms quickly sate me
R   emorse rules the day
S   adness and gloominess
T   hey just won’t stay at bay

U   seless my adversity
V   eiled with loneliness
eighted down with hardship
X   plain this dreariness

Y   es it is a bummer
Y   et it is so real
Z   any a big zero
Z   apped is how I feel

Forty Shades of Blue ~ Poem #1

Forty Shades of Blue

Forty shades of blue
There must be many more
I don’t know about you
But I have the blues galore


They never seem to leave me
Stay around for evermore
If I try to make them flee
They’re worse than before


There’s baby blue and blizzard blue
The ones that make me cry
The same tears come with azure
I simply don’t know why


Bluebonnet and Blue Sapphire
Blue-green and deep Blue Nile
Blueberry and Blue Bell
Refuse to make me smile


Blue-violet brings the doldrums
Cyan puts me in the dumps
Just the mention of Turquoise
Well I’d rather have the mumps

I haven’t written in my blog for quite a while.  The above poem rather explains why.  I know many bloggers write poems about the blues and the blahs.  I can’t say that I enjoyed reading about such feelings, but I always felt I understood why.   Poetry allows one to express thoughts that cannot be said in any other way.   I think blues and blahs come in different shades.  Some blues are light and go away in an hour, day or week.  Others are deep and may last a life time. 

I  have written forty poems about the blues.  Some are light; some are deep.  Some are silly; some are sad.   I have had a hard time coming back to my blog because of these feelings.   But the pseudo-poet in me can’t resist posting a poem.  Seemed a shame to waste them.   :)   Now to remember how to use WordPress.  :(

The Letter


The pen upon the table laid
The message not to be delayed
The words must be said
They must be read
But her hands would not be obeyed

The paper upon the table laid
The message must be conveyed
No future ahead
Love for him dead
Not sorry that she had strayed

* * * * * * * *

The opened mail upon the table laid
Now she was the one betrayed
She bowed her head
Into her room fled
Her tears now displayed

Somebody is two-timing somebody here and in turn getting two-timed.  

Lady’s Laid-back Limerick

Outdoor Cafe

An outdoor cafe oh how chic Behind my menu I'll peak At all the elite  I'll be quite discreet And do it all again next week

An outdoor cafe oh how chic
Behind my menu I’ll peek
At all the elite
I’ll be quite discreet
And do it all again next week

Lady’s Lousy Limerick


Through every file cabinet he did seek
He did it ten times every week
He looked all around it
And finally found it
A certificate proving he’s a geek

Lady’s Likely Limerick

Handy Man

handy man

Party successful – hero cited
Treats delicious – all delighted
Handy man with a broom
All dismal and gloom
Complaining because not invited

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