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Blue – Laughter

face2 face1 face3

Cackle chortle chuckling
Fun tomfoolery
guffaw gleeful giggling
Harmonic hilarity

face4 face5 face6

Scoffing slamming sneering
Disdain disparity
Ridicule and raillery
Misanthropic mockery


Forty Shades of Blue ~ Poem #17

Blue – Ignorance


I do not fault you for ignoring me
I do not reproach you at all
I do not accuse you of tuning me out
My ignorance is my downfall

I thought sharing with you my pain
You would grasp the peace I lack
I’m really sorry I bothered you
I was wrong thinking you’d answer back

Forty Shades of Blue ~ Poem #16

Blue – Hanky

I always carry a handkerchief
The one great grandma made
With lace all around it
The edges a bit frayed

As a child I watched her
Around her feet I played
Tatting with her gnarled hands
This hanky I won’t trade

When my tears come flowing
Her handwork I don’t use
A plain old paper tissue
Is what I always choose


Forty Shades of Blue ~ Poem #15

Blue – Girl

Sad somber joyless
Ever shall I be
Low lonely cheerless
I’m only friends with me

Bare bereft hopeless
In blue misery
Grim gloomy lifeless
I live unhappily


Forty Shades of Blue ~ Poem #14

Blue – Garden


A garden full of happiness
Is where I’d like to dwell
I’d leave all my sadness
And rest there for a spell

Laughter mirth and merriment
Would blossom all around
Hilarity and hopefulness
Would be the only sound

Exuberance and ecstasy
Would flourish and abound
Depression and despair
Never would be found

A paradise of playfulness
Fruits of joy and cheer
Pain sorrow and suffering
Would all disappear


Forty Shades of Blue ~ Poem #13

Blue – Frame

The proof of your existence
Is more than just a name
Those who love and know you
Put you in a picture frame

Displayed and proudly shown
For all who come and see
But when I looked around
I saw there’s none of me

Forty Shades of Blue ~ Poem #12

Blue – Flowers


I put some flowers in a vase
I love their tint and hue
I thought just the sight of them
Would make me not so blue

I wrote a card and placed it there
Signed love from a friend
And though it cheered me for a while
I knew it was pretend


Forty Shades of Blue ~ Poem #11

Cockeyed Optimist

Forty Shades of Blue Poems


Why should I be blue
When blogging friends spend time
Writing words of comfort
And reading my each rhyme

I thank them for the thoughtfulness
And joy that they bring
In return for their gift
A happy song I’ll sing


Blue – Feelings


Today I just feel fed up
I’ve had it up to here
Bummed out and crestfallen
Can’t get myself in gear

Nothing’s going right
My eye’s are in a blear
Deep inside I’m hurting
All life is such a drear

Forty Shades of Blue ~ Poem #10

Brief intermission from Forty Shades of Blue tomorrow.  :)

Blue – Difference


Some blues are a headache
Bringing discontent
Lasting but a few days
Then they’ve gone and went

Other blues are torture
Oh how they ferment
Lasting for a life time
They only bring torment

Forty Shades of Blue ~ Poem #9

Blue – Day




Today I’ll just be laid-back
Forget all my concerns
Won’t think of anything
Especially life’s downturns






Tonight I’ll just be mellow
Forget all life’s demands
Won’t think of anything
Daydream of far-off lands



Tomorrow will come soon enough
Life’s worries and cares to face
Today I’ll be unflappable
Tonight’s calm I’ll embrace

Forty Shades of Blue ~ Poem #8

Blue – Cup

I want to sip the sweetness
From the teacup of life
And spread a touch of honey
Upon my bread of strife

I want to savor rapture
From a plate of vitality
And wash away the crumbs
Of my unserenity

Forty Shades of Blue ~ Poem #7

Blue – Brook


Bubbling brook flowing now
Imagine such a place
Rippling water fresh and cool
Splashing on my face

Washing sorrow from my brow
Leaving not a trace
Rushing liquid in a pool
Wish I knew that space


Forty Shades of Blue ~ Poem #6

Blue – Bounce


I’m tired of life’s bounces
I’m tired of ups and downs
Sometimes they bring me smiles
But mostly bring me frowns

Just when I’m elated
And living on cloud nine
I am pounded with a punch
And encounter a decline


Forty Shades of Blue ~ Poem #5

Blue – Bird


My home is very loving
No one tries to make me blue
My friends are very doting
All to me are very true

So tell me little bluebird
Why I want to say adieu
Flap my wings in the breeze
And fly away with you


Forty Shades of Blue ~ Poem #4

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