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Everyone is like a butterfly, they start out ugly and awkward and then morph into beautiful graceful butterflies that everyone loves.
Drew Barrymore

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8 thoughts on “Graceful

  1. Absolutely lovely!!

  2. Lovely thought, pretty picture! :)

    • I think we should try to find something graceful or lovely in everyone. Not always easy. lol

      I love looking at butterflies……who doesn’t? I think I will try to find more pictures of the cocoons etc. They really are just as fascinating.

  3. Yvonne on said:

    Ah, your butterfly is lovely, you find such great images :-) And I agree, there is something lovely to be found in every person, but some people are very good at hiding the lovely stuff!

    • The butterfly was rather made with a program called Inkscape. It is sort of like knitting but not quite. lol

      Agree with the hiding part. :(
      Maybe they are hiding their light under a barrel or a bushel.

  4. Love the graphics! So elegant! I like the optimistic quote too. ..The truth is some butterflies aren’t that great looking… but they are all graceful. See how I switched mood here?

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