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Age of WordPress



When your blog is freshly pressed
And your followers reach ninety-nine
And your words are read each morning
Then your blog becomes a shrine

This is the dawning of the Age of WordPress
Age of WordPress
WordPress WordPress WordPress

Poets in high standing
Friendships always expanding
Writers making revisions
Important blog decisions
Mystic dashboard revelations
We love our creations
WordPress WordPress

When your posts are all reblogged
And your followers love every page
And your words are highly applauded
Then your blog will be the rage
This is the dawning of the Age of WordPress
Age of WordPress
WordPress WordPress WordPress

Magic Carpet


On magic carpet let me soar
Exciting places to explore
In misty clouds I’ll make my way
View wondrous sights throughout the day
And wish for more

And as I travel on this ride
Resplendent birds will be my guide
Into the heavens they will climb
Now lost in space and lost in time
On wings they’ll glide

So many things I want to learn
Before this life I do adjourn
But I am made to be earthbound
And only view things from the ground
Yet still I yearn

Florette poetry

picture source

Six Word Saturday ~ Life

6ws-participating-in-banner I Want a Brand New Deck


A shuffle of confusion
A muddle is but life
A shamble of illusion
A clutter full of strife

A jumble of delusion
A botched up bunch of fuss
A chaotic profusion
A mixed up mess of muss

picture source

Blog Garden ~ Pansy

I spotted some lovely pansies
As through the park I strolled
Their colors were so pleasing
And delightful to behold

Pansies are for remembering
Couldn’t call to mind just who
I looked again at their smiling face
Then knew that it was you


Graphic made with Inkscape

This completes the series of flowers in my Blog Garden.

Quotation Death


I want to be all used up when I die.
George Barnard Shaw

Not long on this earth
Our stay is short and brief
What we do what we say
Bring others not to grief

Joy cheer and happiness
Spread them everywhere
Use up all your energy
Not one drop left to spare


Word Art made in Inkscape

Girl Talk

He never says I’m sorry
He never has remorse
He never apologizes
Though he’s always wrong of course

He must make reparations
Get down upon his knees
Give you some satisfaction
And pay for all his sleaze



He never asks forgiveness
He never is contrite
He never is regretful
Though he knows I’m always right

If he won’t admit his failure
See the error of his strays
Just send him straight to me
And I’ll mend him of his ways

Internal Revenue


Tax his cow Tax his goat
Tax his pants Tax his coat
Tax his crop Tax his work
Tax his ties Tax his shirt

Tax his chew Tax his smoke
Teach him taxing is no joke
Tax his tractor Tax his mule
Tell him Taxing is the rule

Tax his oil Tax his gas
Tax his notes Tax his cash
Tax him good and let him know
That after taxes he got no dough

If he hollers Tax him more
Tax him till he’s good and sore
Tax his coffin Tax his grave
Tax his sod in which he’s laid

Put these words upon his tomb
“Taxes drove him to his doom”
After he’s gone we won’t relax
We’ll still collect inheritance tax

A little song I found on the internet.   I don’t know the original source of the words.

April 15 is the day taxes are due in the US.  :(

Walk in the Woods – Again


I took a walk into the woods
Tho’ I’d walked there once before
This time set in an ivied wall
Was a wee private door

I tried to climb up to the top
How I wanted to look o’er
And as I clung onto the stone
My brand new pants I tore

I heard some music soft and sweet
O’er the wall the tune did pour
Alas I had to leave the wood
No wiser than before


The Green Door

picture from morguefile

The Ship


His ship it sails at first daylight
The morn is warm outlook is bright
Safety for him she has no fears
Now only sorrow only tears

The sails they billow in the air
So silently she says a prayer
Waving from shore she shouts and cheers
Now only sorrow only tears

Dark clouds threaten in eerie skies
Tempestuous waves soon arise
A storm is brewing it appears
Now only sorrow only tears

Alarm is raised the church bells ring
Distressed her hands she starts to wring
The ship is lost is what she hears
Now only sorrow only tears

Kyrielle Poetry

picture from morguefile


Blog Garden ~ Bluebonnet


Sturdy strong and hardy
Along the roadside you grow
Swaying in the breeze
Beauty you bestow

Fields and farms of blue
Waving to and fro
Silent and serene
An enchanting tableau


graphic made with Inkscape

Legend of the Bluebonnet — author unknown

The Texas fields are covered
With a blanket of deep blue.
But for one Native American girl,
This would not be true.

Texas land was buried and dry.
Rains just would not come.
The local tribe danced and prayed for rain,
And beat upon their drums.

The Chief made a proclamation.
He appealed to one and all.
A prized possession must be sacrificed
Before the rains would fall.

The camp fell silent,
While each person searched his heart.
But when it came to sacrifice,
With possessions they would not part.

Suddenly a little girl stepped forth,
Holding her blue-clad doll.
She placed it in the roaring fire
and raindrops then began to fall.

The rain brought forth the grass,
Among its blades, flowers of blue.
To be a sign for all the time
Of a love so pure and true.


Quotation Conversation

I often quote myself. It adds spice to my conversation. George Bernard Shaw

Have you heard the latest
If not I’m here to tell
You all the recent gossip
I do it all so well

What I said to many
I dare not here repeat
Going to say it anyway
Before it’s obsolete

Word Art made with Inkscape

Ridiculing the Ridiculous

I ridicule the ridiculous
I do not suffer fools
Ever so meticulous
But never follow rules

I try not to be conspicuous
Witless words are my tools
You’ll find I am ubiquitous
When writing ’bout those ghouls

I have posted this song before,  so some of you may just have to suffer through.  But I had fun writing these words and I like listening to it over and over again.    :)



Pardon me boy Is this the Chattanooga Woo Woo
I want the right track cause the Bible is fact
You’ll never tire of superstitious Woo Woo
God really does care and he’s always there

Go to a church ’bout a quarter to ten
Sit in a pew like sheep in a pen
Listen to the preacher he’s your only teacher
Go back in the evenin’ for a double feature

When you feel the spirit get down on your knees
Speak in tongues and some god you will please
Tithing’s an obligation for a Pope’s vacation
Don’t forget the US is a Christian nation

Repent of your sins as you listen to that Woo Woo
Receive god’s grace or face the fiery place
You’re gonna love that superstitious Pooh Pooh Pooh
So listen to me start a Woo Woo Wooing too

Pardon me boy Is this the Chattanooga Woo Woo
I want the right track cause the Bible is fact

Go to a church ’bout ten in the morn
Go up to the altar and confess you’re reborn
Read some holy scripture you get the picture
Get ready for the capture of the final rapture

Fold your hands devoutly whenever you pray
God always answers without a delay
Redemption is a waiting God did the creating
With atheists you’ll always win the debating

Repent of your sins as you listen to that Woo Woo
Receive god’s grace or face the fiery place
You’re gonna love that superstitious Pooh Pooh Pooh
So listen to me and start a Woo Woo Wooing too


Meme’s Monograms

The following is a post I made over two years ago in another blog.  Indiana’s Religious Freedom Restoration Act reminded me of the post and I decided to repost here.   It seems not much has changed in two years.




I don’t often write about serious things. Actually everything I write is serious, but I try to soften it with a bit of humor. I have been reading about tolerance from two different bloggers and of course there are many more that write about the same subject.

I recently read a news article on the internet that caused me to be quite upset. So upset that I could not sleep. I am not going to mention the article yet and maybe never. The subject matter isn’t new. It is probably in the papers or internet daily.

Many news items let readers make comments. This allows for anonymous opinions. I like to read the comments but do not take part. I learn a lot and get new ideas which either bring me to new conclusions or confirm my own. They can often be heated and quite intolerant. The comments can also show ignorance about the laws of our country.

Each country has its own laws and another country’s laws may seem strange to us. We may not be aware of all of our own country’s laws, but when we engage in an activity or business that has regulations and laws we need to know them and follow them. And if we make a comment or response to something that involves a law, we should try to find out if our view corresponds with the current law.

I believe it is the law in the USA that if you have a business and you have consumer transactions, your customers must be dealt with on an equal basis regardless of sex, age, race, ethnicity, nationality, sexual orientation, gender identity and perhaps others. I do not know the exact wording of the law. In other words you must offer the same service to all. I think you could refuse service if the customer were drunk, barefoot or in someway causing a disturbance or a health issue.

Enough with the background information and on to a one-act fictional play-let.

Meme’s Monograms



Meme owns a small business and makes monogrammed handkerchiefs. All her hankies may have one or two letters on them. She has a showcase supply of the standard variety that you can immediately purchase. Or you can ask for a custom hankie which has a bit of extra fancy stitching and costs a bit more. Meme’s handkerchiefs are well-known and are considered the best in the town although other shops do sell them.

Here comes a customer now.

Meme: Hello. Welcome to Meme’s Monograms. How may I help you?

Customer-1: I want to buy a hankie for a christening. Our grandson is going to be baptized and I thought a hankie to wipe his brow would be nice.

Meme: Just dab his brow a bit. Wouldn’t want to wipe away the holy water. (giggle giggle) And what letter do you want embroidered on this gift of love?

Customer-1: An A as he will be named Abel.

Meme: What a fine Christian name.  So thoughtful of him to have written down those commandments.  Thank you so much for your business.


Customer-2: I want to buy fifty hankies with AA on them. It is to honor a group of men and women who have served the community and given it many charitable gifts.

Meme: But of cour$$$e. How $uperb! And who are these wonderful, caring and worthy folks?

Customer-2: African-Americans

Meme: OH! Hmm! Well I………can offer you the showcase ready-made hankies, but I do not do custom hankies for…..for certain groups. I am of the opinion that Africans belong in Africa and Americans belong in America. The AA hankies seem to be all gone, but you can pick some up next week. Good Day.

Meme: Really!!!!!


Meme: Hello and Welcome to Meme’s Monograms!

Customer-3: I want a dozen hankies monogrammed with AA.  The Angels Ablooming youth group will be tap dancing at the church supper for entertainment. They need to wave their hankies as they tap dance to Breezing Along with Jesus.

Meme: How sweet. You can be assured I will take extra special care with the hankies.    Bye Now


Meme sets about doing her monogramming and singing a little tune. She likes little tunes.

We’re just breezing along with Jesus
Doing as we pleases
Waving a hanky from Meme

We’re just breezing along with Jesus
And if he sneezes
Give him a hanky from Meme


Customer-4: I would like a customized hanky with AA on it.

Meme: You can be assured it will be done quickly and easily because A seems to be a popular letter today. And what does your AA stand for?

Customer-4: American Atheist

Meme: WHAT?
Customer-4: American Atheist

Meme: No true American is an Atheist and if they are they have no right to be and I know my rights. This country was founded on my Christian beliefs and those people better go back to Russia where Stalin and Hitler came from. Good Day!

Meme: Dear Jesus. (fanning herself) This is no breeze. It’s a gust. Make that disgusting!


Customers-5 & 6 enter the store.

Customer-5: I can’t wait to get our hankies. Meme does such wonderful work.

Meme: Thank you very very much. I love making them for all my wonderful customers. Now, how can I help you girls?

Customer-5: I am getting married! And I want to carry one of your marvelous hankies as something new. My name is Alice so I want an A monogram. Then I want another A hankie for my fiancée too. I am so excited.

Meme: I didn’t know a groom carried something new. But that is OK. It is love that matters. When two people are in love and plan to dedicate their lives to one another, there is nothing that should keep them apart. What God has joined let no man separate. So beautiful!  So what is you fiancée’s name?  Let me guess.  Alan, Albert, Arthur, Aladdin, Aldo, Aldrich, Alex, Alfred?  Oh now I know! It is Adam. Of course it is. Congratulations.

Customer-6: No, my name is Alicia.

Meme: (grabbing a hankie and fanning herself) No, I can not make a customized hankie for queers.  It is out of the question.  Homosexual activity is a perversion.  It is not normal.  It goes against everything I stand for. Everything my shop stands for. You can buy a hankie off the shelf, but I will not make a custom monogram for you. End of stitching. I mean end of story. Good Day.


Customer -7 enters the store.

Meme: (sighing) I know. You want a custom monogrammed hankie with the letter A on it.

Customer-7: Hey! How did you know? This is great service.
Meme: And what does your A stand for?

Customer-7: Asshole

Meme: Your hankie’s free. I’ve seen enough of those today.

The End



The memories have faded
They all have cut and run
Thoughts of you away back when
I do not have a one

A faint and foggy image
Creeps back into my mind
Hazy days of yesteryears
Are all left far behind

Sensations and perceptions
I try to dwell upon
On the verge of coming clear
But now they all are gone

Happy Smile



A smile will bring prosperity
A gold mine of success
A wealth of friends and allies
Good fortune more or less

A frown will lead to ruin
And tears like a crocodile
Quit glowering and grimacing
And smile darn ya smile


Let’s all get together with this one thought in mind
Make this world a better brighter place
Tell each blue nose and joy killer you ever find
Hey there wipe that frown right off your face

Smile darn ya’ smile
You know this old world is a great world after all
Smile darn ya’ smile
And right away watch lady luck pay you a call

Things are never black as they are painted
Time for you and joy to get acquainted
Make life worthwhile come on and
Smile darn ya’ smile

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