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Benches ~ Things on Benches


He was waiting for the bus
It was due at one
She was to arrive
They would have some fun


He was waiting for the bus
It was now past two
She did not get off
What was he to do


He waited for the next
Time was close to three
He looked at his watch
Her he didn’t see


The last one drove on by
It was after four
He got up from the bench
He could wait no more

Bench on the Beach


There was to be a party
He was turning nine
On the back of the bench
Was the Happy Birthday sign

Invitations had been sent
Invited every friend
Little did they know
Too soon would come the end

He’d gone down to the beach
Trusty dog at his side
She’d told him to take care
Watch for the rising tide

The guests began to gather
Excitement on the rise
First she heard the screaming
Then she heard the cries

She leaves the flowers daily
The bench is now a shrine
She vows to never ever
Remove the birthday sign

I made this entry for a monthly bench challenge.  I am not participating regularly anymore but will just post some bench poems I prepared.



We always have this argument
To make me mad you are hellbent
Forever at each other’s throat
Locking horns over one bank-note
How you foment

You want to know just where I went
What I bought and how much I spent
Insinuating that I lie
Fanning the flames until I cry
You are no gent

You put me through pain and torment
And show towards me such discontent
I’ll buy all that I want and need
Bickering done we’re both agreed
I won’t repent

picture from morguefile





I think that I shall never see

A poem lovely as a tree






 A tree whose hungry mouth is prest

Against the sweet earth’s flowing breast







A tree that looks at God all day

And lifts her leafy arms to pray





 A tree that may in summer wear

A nest of robins in her hair



Upon whose bosom snow has lain

Who intimately lives with rain




Poems are made by fools like me

But only God can make a tree




I had planned to post this on Arbor Day … April 24.



I stood and looked ’round everywhere
And felt within a love affair
With prospects for me that I saw
So filled my heart with joy and awe
If I would dare

While standing still in solitaire
Of destiny I was aware
If only I would go and seek
Courageously and not be meek
For risk was there

So glad that I did not despair
Or look at life and say beware
With confidence I found my chance
Fulfilled my dreams and found romance
I took the dare

picture from wikipedia

florette poetry

I saw this picture several months ago and thought it very beautiful. I wondered if we ever really stop and look at all the opportunities around us. Are we scared to take chances and let possibilities pass us by?

Happy Spirits

balloons2Release those somber spirits
Let fly each threatening thought
Cast off doleful thinking
Do not feel distraught

Liberate sad inclinations
Wipe clean the slate of doom
A buoyant frame of mind
Keeps happiness abloom


I wrote this poem last September.  It has been sitting in my drafts folder along with many others.  This seemed like a good time to release it.  The comments I received since returning have lifted  my spirits.   :)

The Pebble


I found a pebble in my yard
No value could I see
It seemed to just be sitting there
And waiting but for me

My eyes kept gazing at the stone
It was so smooth and round
Amazing that from all the rest
This was the one I found

I thought about its journey long
Its travels to my land
I heard it gently speak to me
As it lay in my hand

I wonder when I leave this earth
Come to my final sleep
Will someone come to read my blog
And raise me from the deep

picture found on morgueFile

I have been absent from blogging and computer for a while. Short answer is I have not/am not feeling well. I have not written any new poems or entries but am going to post what is left in my draft folder. I still have a lot in reserve.
I thank those who left comments of inquiry. I am sorry I won’t be around soon to read many blogs.

Age of WordPress



When your blog is freshly pressed
And your followers reach ninety-nine
And your words are read each morning
Then your blog becomes a shrine

This is the dawning of the Age of WordPress
Age of WordPress
WordPress WordPress WordPress

Poets in high standing
Friendships always expanding
Writers making revisions
Important blog decisions
Mystic dashboard revelations
We love our creations
WordPress WordPress

When your posts are all reblogged
And your followers love every page
And your words are highly applauded
Then your blog will be the rage
This is the dawning of the Age of WordPress
Age of WordPress
WordPress WordPress WordPress

Magic Carpet


On magic carpet let me soar
Exciting places to explore
In misty clouds I’ll make my way
View wondrous sights throughout the day
And wish for more

And as I travel on this ride
Resplendent birds will be my guide
Into the heavens they will climb
Now lost in space and lost in time
On wings they’ll glide

So many things I want to learn
Before this life I do adjourn
But I am made to be earthbound
And only view things from the ground
Yet still I yearn

Florette poetry

picture source

Six Word Saturday ~ Life

6ws-participating-in-banner I Want a Brand New Deck


A shuffle of confusion
A muddle is but life
A shamble of illusion
A clutter full of strife

A jumble of delusion
A botched up bunch of fuss
A chaotic profusion
A mixed up mess of muss

picture source

Blog Garden ~ Pansy

I spotted some lovely pansies
As through the park I strolled
Their colors were so pleasing
And delightful to behold

Pansies are for remembering
Couldn’t call to mind just who
I looked again at their smiling face
Then knew that it was you


Graphic made with Inkscape

This completes the series of flowers in my Blog Garden.

Quotation Death


I want to be all used up when I die.
George Barnard Shaw

Not long on this earth
Our stay is short and brief
What we do what we say
Bring others not to grief

Joy cheer and happiness
Spread them everywhere
Use up all your energy
Not one drop left to spare


Word Art made in Inkscape

Girl Talk

He never says I’m sorry
He never has remorse
He never apologizes
Though he’s always wrong of course

He must make reparations
Get down upon his knees
Give you some satisfaction
And pay for all his sleaze



He never asks forgiveness
He never is contrite
He never is regretful
Though he knows I’m always right

If he won’t admit his failure
See the error of his strays
Just send him straight to me
And I’ll mend him of his ways

Internal Revenue


Tax his cow Tax his goat
Tax his pants Tax his coat
Tax his crop Tax his work
Tax his ties Tax his shirt

Tax his chew Tax his smoke
Teach him taxing is no joke
Tax his tractor Tax his mule
Tell him Taxing is the rule

Tax his oil Tax his gas
Tax his notes Tax his cash
Tax him good and let him know
That after taxes he got no dough

If he hollers Tax him more
Tax him till he’s good and sore
Tax his coffin Tax his grave
Tax his sod in which he’s laid

Put these words upon his tomb
“Taxes drove him to his doom”
After he’s gone we won’t relax
We’ll still collect inheritance tax

A little song I found on the internet.   I don’t know the original source of the words.

April 15 is the day taxes are due in the US.  :(

Walk in the Woods – Again


I took a walk into the woods
Tho’ I’d walked there once before
This time set in an ivied wall
Was a wee private door

I tried to climb up to the top
How I wanted to look o’er
And as I clung onto the stone
My brand new pants I tore

I heard some music soft and sweet
O’er the wall the tune did pour
Alas I had to leave the wood
No wiser than before


The Green Door

picture from morguefile

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