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I recently wrote of being a passive blogger instead of an active one. It doesn’t mean I am disinterested or indifferent to those who follow me or to those I follow.    But at this time I need to be dormant or quiet for a while.  I have appreciated the likes and comments I have received since posting about it.   I’m just unable have a dialogue at this time.  I hope to  visit you soon but do not feel like engaging.

I will still be writing and posting. My dashboard runneth over with poems, rhymes and thoughts. One doesn’t stop imagining, creating and writing. The mind is active and I have found writing a good release for feelings of all kinds. I have been and will continue scheduling posts some of which have been waiting in queue for over a year.   Nothing drastic has been happening to me, but for most everyone life has its way of interfering.


Why doesn’t life leave us alone
Stay off the phone
Go its own way
Leave us to play

Why does woe come out of nowhere
It is not fair
Seems all goes wrong
Need to be strong

Why do crises always appear
And interfere
Bring us such strife
But then that’s life


They keep insisting that I’ll heal
Your grief will pass your tears now dry
A smile will help give it a try
It is my choice how I will deal

The grief I have I won’t conceal
We mean to help and not to pry
They keep insisting that I’ll heal
Your grief will pass your tears now dry

As if what happened isn’t real
These things occur we don’t know why
That you feel pain we don’t deny
How do they know the way I feel
They keep insisting that I’ll heal

Tarot ~ The World

worldThe Pig Tarot. A silly series designed to enhance and help your blogging experience.

The World is card XXI. You started as a Fool with your blogging. You had doubts and fears, hopes and illusions, joy and rewards. Rest a bit and meditate about your achievements. Most of all be happy with the world-wide friendships you have made while blogging.


Reap the reward enjoy the prize
Join the fun with ladysighs
Well done for all your tries
Hurrah for WordPress gals and guys


The Pigs were glad you to assist
Go back to the beginning if some you missed

Your blogging will improve if pigs you obey
So get started now without delay

The Pigs are finished giving advice to you
Hope you found something your blog to renew

Just a bit of fun but between me and you
This Pig Tarot stuff is a bit cuckoo

This is my twenty- third post of the Pig Tarot and Blogging: A Silly Series

That’s all folks.  Hope you enjoyed the show.

Six Word Saturday ~ Breakfast

6ws-participating-in-bannerMaking Breakfast Is a Real Pain


Dish of cereal
Toast with jam
Scrambled eggs
And a bit of ham

Two warm muffins
A donut or two
Coffee and juice
Then I’m through

Tarot Judgment

judgementThe Pig Tarot. A silly series designed to enhance and help your blogging experience.

Judgment is card XX. You consider yourself a seasoned blogger. You have tasted and enjoyed the rewards of blogging. Judgment is not a card of endings.  It is preparation for the ongoing journey that you started. Perhaps some major changes are in order allowing you to grow.  It is all under your control.


WordPress now is in your grasp
Yet the learning has just begun
You may think you know it all
But find that you know none


I don’t know if there is such a thing as a seasoned blogger. But once you have tasted it, you keep coming back for more. I recently read a blogger who said he/she did not know the direction their blog was going. Indeed if it were going anywhere.
I like the interaction with others that blogging brings. Yet I really envy the blogger who writes his message or poem and neither responds to a comment nor writes any of his own. Expressing his creativity is enough.
ME?  I have this need to entertain.

This is my twenty- second post of the Pig Tarot and Blogging: A Silly Series

Entertain me with a comment.

Revenge Among the Ashes


Flame of love
Gone and forgotten
I learned too late
That you are rotten

No more hope
And no more laughter
Another mate
Now you are after

Life with you
Was always harried
You did create
The child I carried

Dead our love
Deceased and buried
Yet no debate
We still are married


Picture from wiki commons

Tarot ~ The Sun

sunThe Pig Tarot. A silly series designed to enhance and help your blogging experience.

The Sun is XIX.  You have emerged from the ordeal of the Moon. You can see clearly and you are wiser. The Sun is a very powerful card. Nothing can stop you rising every morning feeling assured that you have a wonderful message to write for your fellow bloggers. You see challenges and are ready to meet every one. Your creativity shines through any gray clouds. Write Write Write!


Your skills are perfected
You know it all by heart
Hours of study well worth it
Of WordPress you’re now a part


 I get up before the sun every morning.  Usually about 3 AM because I don’t sleep well. The likes and comments I have received over night encourage me to continue blogging. I go through the READER and enjoy the posts. I usually find something in other blogs that stimulates my imagination.


This is my twenty- first post of the Pig Tarot and Blogging: A Silly Series


Crystals – Stones

I found the picture of the crystals and gemstones from Wikimedia Commons and thought it was pretty. I don’t know whether the stones have any powers or not and lean toward the skeptical side. I just make up the poems and put pretty frames around pictures.   :)


Release your energy
Let me feel
The surging force
Help me heal

Cleanse my being
Purge the pain
Harmony peace
For me obtain

Burst of power
To my soul
Repair rebuild
Make me whole

Tarot ~ The Moon

moonThe Pig Tarot. A silly series designed to enhance and help your blogging experience.

The Moon is card XVIII.  The Moon has no light of its own. Maybe this blogging isn’t what it seems to be. Maybe you are getting disillusioned. Maybe you are imagining things. Maybe you better open up your eyes and look at the reality of what you want from the blogging experience.


You’re blogging in the dark
You’ve lost your writing ways
Can’t find the blogging spark
Just posting in a daze

You thought it’d be a lark
You could turn a little phrase
You wanted to leave your mark
Now you’re blogging in a haze


To me The Moon is just anything that makes you wonder what you are doing this for. One of my moons is when a blogger that I enjoy reading leaves for no known reason. Their blog is deleted. Another moon is when I can’t make a connection with bloggers that I follow and leave likes and comments. They are following me but do not respond. It is not an issue of stats. Perhaps the solution is to not follow them anymore. In fact that is what I did.

This is my twentieth post of the Pig Tarot and Blogging: A Silly Series

I Wish


Tarot ~ The Star

starThe Pig Tarot. A silly series designed to enhance and help your blogging experience.

The Star is card XVII.  The Star is that bit of faith that we have in ourselves. Gives us that pickup needed after an encounter with the Tower. It gives us inspiration and hope to trust in ourselves. You have started on the blogging journey. Look to the stars and feel their energy and get rejuvenated.


Sometimes you may feel
You got nothing more to write
Look to the stars
The way for you they’ll light

A beacon of inspiration
Illumination is at hand
Trust in yourself
And you’ll write something grand


I don’t know where I get my ideas. I never say to myself,   “Today I will write about this or make a poem about that.” Ideas do not come as a bolt of lightning or a blinding flash. I had to overcome the fear of posting those things that are not tip-top creations. Most of us are probably not writing a best seller. Don’t wait to post a masterpiece. Putting it out there will help you get better.

This is my nineteenth post of the Pig Tarot and Blogging: A Silly Series

WordPress Folly


The tune for this song is The Girl I Left Behind Me


I was lonesome ‘fore I found WordPress
My days were full of folly
I am writing now to excess
No longer feel melancholy

I live no more a life forlorn
My days are fun and jolly
In WordPress I awake each morn
Write a poem by golly

Now that I have found WordPress
My days are fun and merry
My blog is a great success
My rhymes are light and airy

I live a life so carefree
My cheeks red as a cherry
Such lovely comments sent to me
I soon plan to marry

Come make a blog at WordPress
If you’re feeling weary
All of  your woes do confess
You’ll find it nice and cheery

Live no more a life of gloom
No troubles or affliction
Of web space there’s plenty of room
Start writing some fiction

I’m thankful for friends at WordPress
They read my blog daily
Another reason is I guess
To hear me play the ukulele

My song now is almost through
Hope your ears aren’t straining
Time for me to say adieu
I’ve finished entertaining

Tarot ~ The Tower

towerThe Pig Tarot. A silly series designed to enhance and help your blogging experience.

The Tower is card XVI.  Sometimes drastic things happen and we really have no control over them. Perhaps something personal. Perhaps a comment that was inappropriate. Maybe a hard drive crash. Whatever it is, it has left you shaken. Disaster!!  Even little things can upset us. Did you just delete the best post ever before posting it? You can rebuild and you can rewrite. Pick yourself up and start all over again.

When your Tower Tumbles down
And you’re right in its path
Get out-of-the-way
And don’t show your wrath

Sort through all the rubble
Pick up what you’re able
Then roll up your sleeves
Write again at the blogging table


I didn’t have to wait long until my Tower came tumbling down. I don’t write much controversial stuff and if I do it comes in the form of a poem or something silly. After a month or so of blogging I did write some rhymes and sing some songs about what I thought of religion. I had one follower tell what he thought of my revelations. I would never comment about a blog negatively or at least don’t think I have. It hit me so hard that I closed up my blog and thought I would quit. I didn’t. Another time I made a comment and it was taken the wrong way and again I was crushed because I meant it as a compliment.   Whatever your Tower is, accept it, let it go and rebuild.

This is my eighteenth post of the Pig Tarot and Blogging: A Silly Series

Stuff happens.

Face in the Snow

A Triolet is a poetic form consisting of only 8 lines. Within a Triolet, the 1st, 4th, and 7th lines repeat, and the 2nd and 8th lines do as well. The rhyme scheme is simple: ABaAabAB, capital letters representing the repeated lines.faceofjesus

The face of Jesus in the snow
A chance to make me lots of dough
I saw it from my patio
The face of Jesus in the snow
The temperature it was zero
Believing fools out there I know
The face of Jesus in the snow
A chance to make me lots of dough


Cascade   The poem does not have to rhyme.



The earthquake struck along the coast
Tremors felt for miles around
Reports of scattered outages

A magnitude of seven point one
No one was hurt no damage done
The earthquake struck along the coast

Upheaval woke some sleepyheads
Families clinging to their beds
Tremors felt for miles around

Four thousand folks were without power
It didn’t last but half an hour
Reports of scattered outages

Last Curtain Call


She’d read the play
She knew her lines
Memorized them all by heart
She did not have a minor role
She had the leading part

Then came the day
With neon signs
Performed with ease her art
Fulfilled the act with heart and soul
The stage she did depart


I'm going to rest from blogging now
Active role no longer take
Still will post lots of rhymes
Passivity will give a break
I've learned to use the scheduling
Though it is a big headache
So if you see my foolishness
It's not made by mistake

Thanks for understanding.

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