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Last Walk

This morn I walked up in the hills
it might just be the last
My serene and peaceful way of life
may soon be in the past

The rising sun familiar friend
viewed daily for many a year
Through heavenly clouds of tangerine
suddenly did appear

Each step and stride that I climbed
seemed like a lover’s dance
Wild flowers in the misty dawn
added to its sweet romance

Behind the brush among the trees
hidden in tall grass
A pair of eyes stared back at me
as along the path I passed

I wish to sleep that final rest
upon a grassy bed
But this final stage of my life
has other plans for me instead

Caring for ourselves alone
an option not always good
We would do it willing
if we even thought we could

A heavy burden upon my children
will never be my intent
I’m happy that they want me near
gives me great content

I’ll never tell them of my tears
that just would not do
And so dear gentle readers
I only share my thoughts with you

I have walked these beautiful hills for many years.   It is a quiet peaceful place and has provided a refuge where I can think, laugh and cry too.    Many ideas for my blogs have had birth here.   I am sad that one day I will be moving away from my beautiful retirement home.    Those thoughts were the motivation for the poem.

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31 thoughts on “Last Walk

  1. Seems like a quiet place to walk and see sun raise. It is no surprise to hear it is the birth place of many thoughts.


  2. It looks beautiful and tranquil. Very special.


  3. The pocket of earth you call home is truly beautiful.


  4. What a lovely place to be. I enjoyed your poem, although it’s rather sad. It’s lovely that your children want you close to them.:)


  5. What a lovely post, words and photos.


  6. I’m sure you will be walking the road for a good while longer yet, so leave this post for a few more years yet please:)


  7. unfetteredbs on said:

    Sad yet loving.


  8. Oh, Ladysighs, this makes me sad. A beautiful place I agree and a lovely place to contemplate but I am worried about you. I send you love across the miles :)


    • Thanks for your kind words. Yes, I am quite sad. It is difficult to up and move at anytime, but especially so when you don’t have the energy and enthusiasm to do it. A new place and nowhere to put anything. So hard to toss things even when they aren’t being used. Packed up all the junk and now unpacking it.
      :) Coming back to blogging does help to get away from reality.


  9. You had me wondering? Is everything ok with you?
    The poem is beautiful :)


  10. Jackie on said:

    Beautiful and poignant. You okay?


  11. Your words speak to all of us. We are finite creatures, yet we see the infinite in a flower, the rustling trees, the wind that touches our cheek. Thank you.


    • Yes, everyone faces the ageing process and the changes that are necessary. It is all the baggage (material things) one has collected that is hard to deal with now. I have things I never used and never will use and now have no place to put them. I suppose I could get rid of the computer etc and make room for the candy dishes, candlesticks, and crystal etc etc. lol I have wedding gifts of bath towels from over 40 years ago that I have never used. Seems a garage sale is in order.


  12. That’s very thought provoking, and has got me all quite emotional now! I know my Mum and Dad didn’t want to be burden to me or my brother, but there came a time, when I guess they were – inevitable burden. But – I was a burden to them, for a lot longer! Family is relationship, and relationship means being there no matter what, so don’t ever feel bad about being in need. It’s life, we all have times in our lives when we are, just that – needy.

    I can relate to the feeling of sadness of leaving somewhere as beautiful as where you live, life is mean, often. But you know, my Dad would have loved to have lived in a place like where you are, he was a real country man at heart, and Irish man who loved everything country. And yet he spent very little of his life in the kind of place he loved, and spent the last 15 years of his life in a city, because that’s where his children were, and he wanted to be close to us. So I guess we were a burden to him in ways we never realised! Enjoy what you have, live the moment – it’s all any of us have.:)


  13. Beautiful poem! It looks like a inspiring place to be. Hope you will get used to the the new place soon…


    • Fortunately I have my computer set up and have located my tooth brush. Everything else will eventually fall in place. :)

      Thank you, Amy. (That’s my daughter’s name too.)


  14. A lovely testament to “Home” and what it can mean to us. Beautiful…


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